Welcome to Toobaa!

We are pleased that you are considering Toobaa Academy for your daughter. As you spend time on our website getting to know us further, we hope that you will imagine how your family will fit into our diverse and welcoming community. At Toobaa, your daughter will join a community of passionate and dedicated learners and will be guided by insightful and sincere teachers who will help her to build spiritual courage and preseverance,  to discover the true purpose of life and to enhance spiritual development. With encouragement and support from both faculty and classmates, your daughter will learn to embrace academic challenges, to take healthy risks, and not to be afraid of failure. Toobaa is a school that nurtures the mind, body and most importantly the soul and gives every girl the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the four most noble and pious women of our past.

​The Four Most Noble And Pious Women:

Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that Rasulullah (peace and blessings be upon him) has said: “From among the women of the world who have reached perfection and who are worthy of following are: Maryam, the daughter of Imrân; Khadijah, daughter of Khuwaylid; Fatima, daughter of Muhammed and Asiyah, wife of Fir’aun” (Tirmidhi).

These four women changed the course of human history, through their perseverance, faith and courage. Maryam's,  (may Allah be pleased with her),  life was characterized by piety, chastity and faith, Khadijah, (may Allah be pleased with her), neither succumbed to the trappings of wealth, nor to power and fame, Fatima (may Allah be pleased with her), made patience her companion in the face of unending hardships and was crowned the ‘leader of all women in Jannah, while the wife of Fir’aun chose faith over royalty. These were women distinguished by patience who found the true friendship of Allâh through their unfailing steadfastness in the face of grinding sacrifices.

“May Allah grant our daughters the ability to emulate the beautiful conduct of these icons of virtue, humility and courage! 

Our admissions team is looking forward to getting to know your family through the admissions process, as well as educating you about the limitless possibilities of a Toobaa education.  Please call (718) 626-5100 to schedule a meeting with the Director.